Landing Page Inspiration to Help Improve Your Design

We created an extensive list of AI landing page design inspirations to help you brainstorm your next creative project. Check out what other creators are making.

If you need fresh landing page inspiration, this article has everything you're looking for. In this listicle, we handpicked a selection of the most impressive resources and examples of landing pages made with AI creativity.

If you are short on ideas for your next landing page project, this can be your source to get your creative juices flowing.

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Check out these great resources for AI-designed landing pages.

  1. Musho AI: AI-made landing pages from creators like you.
  2. Lapa Ninja: Hundreds of landing pages made with AI
  3. Landbook: A vast library of landing pages made without and with AI.
  4. One Page Love: Thousands of diverse landing pages to explore.
  5. Dribbble: An essential source for design inspiration overall.
  6. Muzli: A search engine for design inspiration.
  7. Behance: A premier site for landing page design ideas.
  8. Cursorup: Another excellent reference for website and landing page inspiration.

Whether you're an experienced designer, a newcomer, or just a creative looking to start a new project, these AI-built landing pages are bound to offer fresh ideas to engage your audience.

1. Landing pages made with Musho AI

Musho is an AI-powered landing page builder that turns simple prompts into nearly complete, dev-ready landing pages and tons of creators have already harnessed its power. A quick browse of the Showcase section gives you an idea of what's possible with Musho.

The Musho AI showcase page where you can find landing page design inspiration.
A place to discover AI-made landing pages.

Designers and creatives of all different skill levels and backgrounds have made dozens of gorgeous designs with the simple but powerful capabilities of Musho. This showcase is more impressive because all of these landing page designs are made with AI. These examples are visual proof of what anyone can produce with an idea and a simple prompt.

Besides the design inspiration, these AI-generated landing pages should also inspire creators by highlighting how products like Musho can dramatically improve workflow.

A few of our favorites

A nightclub-themed pet accessory landing page.

2. Lapa Ninja landing page examples

Lapa Ninja is an outstanding resource for browsing through thousands of inspiring landing page design examples. Lap Ninja has various landing page examples to browse from, including Saas landing pages, portfolios, NFT landing pages, beauty landing pages, AI landing pages, and more.

The UI of Lapa Ninja's landing page.
Lapa Ninja is another great place to find landing page inspriration.

With this mix of landing pages made by AI and humans, Lapa Ninja is a great place for designers to get inspired and learn and improve their skills. Another reason it made the list is its impressive library of free design resources that everyone can enjoy.

A few of our favorites

3. Landbook Landing page examples

Landbook is a comprehensive platform dedicated to streamlining the creation of stunning landing pages with or without AI. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of landing page examples, Landbook empowers designers to explore high-quality landing pages and find inspiration for their projects.

Landbook's homepage UI
Landbook has incredible examples of design to inspire your projects.

Beyond just design inspiration, Landbook offers valuable insights and best practices to optimize landing page performance. From A/B testing to analytics tracking, designers can find inspiration and learn how to optimize their landing pages.

A few of our favorites

4. One Page Love landing page examples

One Page Love is a tremendous destination for discovering and showcasing beautiful and effective one-page websites made with or without the help of AI. With a curated collection of stunning examples spanning various industries and design styles, One Page Love is a source of inspiration and reference for designers, developers, and businesses.

One Page Love landing pages homepage.
A dedicated site to awesome landing page design

From design tips to development tutorials, One Page Love supports creatives in mastering the art of crafting compelling one-page websites that effectively communicate messages and drive engagement.

A few of our favorites

5. Dribbble landing page examples

Dribbble is more than just a site for finding landing page inspiration; it's a vibrant online community and platform that serves as a hub for creative professionals, including designers, illustrators, artists, and more. It's a place where individuals and teams showcase their work, share ideas, and connect with like-minded creatives from around the world.

Dribble homepage UI.
Dribbble is a go-to for many desgners.

With a focus on visual inspiration, Dribbble allows users to upload shots – snapshots of their projects or works in progress – to share their latest creations and receive feedback from the community.

Whether you are looking for AI design inspiration, seeking feedback on your work, or connecting with potential collaborators, Dribbble provides a vibrant and supportive community for creative individuals to thrive.

A few of our favorites

6. Muzli landing page examples

Muzli is a dynamic browser extension and online platform that caters to designers, developers, and creatives looking for daily inspiration and industry news. By curating a diverse array of design articles, trends, and landing page examples, Muzli "combines automated curation with human discovery, to uncover the best design inspiration and news that you won't find with a web search."

Muzli home page and UI.
Learn more about landing page design from Muzli

But if you want an extra treasure trove of incredible AI and human-made UI designs for landing pages, Muzli's Pinterest is the ultimate source for finding great ideas and resources. It's so good that it has over 87 thousand followers and generates over 6 million monthly views per month, so you can be sure that designers of all different backgrounds trust it.

A few of our favorites

7. Behance landing page examples

As a part of the Adobe family, Behance offers a robust platform where designers, artists, photographers, and other creative professionals can create comprehensive portfolios to showcase their projects and creative skills. With such a vast selection of design examples, it is a perfect place to find inspiration for AI landing pages.

Beyond showcasing individual portfolios, Behance fosters community interaction so creatives can engage with and draw inspiration from other work. This community interaction is a great way to get feedback on your AI-made landing pages and find new creative ideas to incorporate into your projects.

A few of our favorites

8. Cursorup landing page examples

Cursorup is an innovative platform dedicated to showcasing the best website designs daily. Creatives can find various styles of landing pages, from AI websites to design portfolios.

An image of CursorUp's homepage UI and logo.
CursorUp has a large library of design inspiration.

With Cursorup, it all boils down to a desire to give back to the digital product design industry and help creatives find inspiration for their projects. It's another perfect muse for designers like you to get the creative flow going.

A few of our favorites

A wealth of AI landing page inspiration

While AI-powered landing page builders are relatively new technology, there are still plenty of quality examples of websites made with AI. Of course, for creatives who still need an extra boost of inspiration, it's always beneficial to see what other designers are making, regardless of whether AI created it.

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