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I need a modern web design for the menu of a restaurant. It needs a section for diferent types of food, a short description and its price.

Luis Alvarez

Create a management page to see live proformas and bid on them


Create a simple landing page for a fictional technology event called "Tech Innovators Hackathon." The landing page should include the following sections: Header: Event name, date, and location. About: A brief description of the event, including its purpose and who should attend. Agenda: A list of key activities and timings. Speakers: A section with photos and short bios of the main speakers. Registration: A call-to-action button for registration with a short form. Footer: Contact information and social media links.


Create a web site which contains a filter to select musical instruments by categories. It must have pictures and specifications

ashutosh ayyagari

A landing page of a property for a real estate company with high conversion rate. and there brand colors are black and gold

Douglas santos

plataforma de doação

Nothing 02

Làm thêm về biểu đồ đi , màu galaxy

Nothing 02

Trang Chủ (Dashboard) Header: Logo ứng dụng, tên người dùng, menu chính. Financial Overview: Thẻ hiển thị số dư hiện tại, thu nhập, chi tiêu. Graphs/Charts: Biểu đồ dạng cột hoặc đường thể hiện chi tiêu hàng tháng. Financial Goals: Các ô hiển thị mục tiêu tài chính với tiến độ đạt được. Giao Dịch (Transactions) Transaction List: Bảng hiển thị các giao dịch với cột ngày, mô tả, số tiền, danh mục. Add Transaction: Popup form với các trường nhập liệu: loại giao dịch, danh mục, số tiền, ngày, ghi chú. Transaction Filters: Bộ lọc dạng dropdown hoặc checkbox để lọc giao dịch. Ngân Sách (Budget) Create Budget: Form với các trường nhập liệu: danh mục, số tiền tối đa, thời gian áp dụng. Budget List: Thẻ hiển thị ngân sách với số tiền đã sử dụng và còn lại. Budget Alerts: Thông báo dạng thẻ hoặc popup khi ngân sách sắp vượt quá giới hạn. Báo Cáo (Reports) Monthly Reports: Trang với biểu đồ và bảng phân tích chi tiết thu nhập, chi tiêu, tiết kiệm hàng tháng. Spending Analysis: Biểu đồ dạng tròn hoặc cột hiển thị chi tiêu theo danh mục. Financial Trends: Biểu đồ dạng đường thể hiện xu hướng tài chính qua các tháng hoặc năm. Cài Đặt (Settings) Personal Information: Form cập nhật thông tin cá nhân. Bank Accounts: Danh sách tài khoản ngân hàng liên kết với tùy chọn thêm, xóa, cập nhật. App Settings: Các tùy chọn thiết lập ứng dụng như ngôn ngữ, đơn vị tiền tệ, thông báo.

Nothing 02

Thiết kế cho tôi một app quản lý tài chính cá nhân tone màu galaxy , khoảng 10-15 frame. Có chuyển động ,màu sắc bắt mắt ,logo thân thiện

Ekta Maddeshiya

Sure! Here’s a detailed prompt for creating an event management website: --- ### Home Page - **Hero Section**: A captivating image or video of a well-organized event, with a tagline such as "Transforming Ideas into Memorable Events". Include a call-to-action (CTA) button like "Get Started" or "Contact Us". - **About Us**: Brief introduction about your company, your mission, and your unique value proposition. Add a link to the full "About Us" page. - **Services Overview**: Short descriptions of key services like Event Planning, Venue Selection, Catering, and Entertainment. Each should link to a detailed services page. - **Testimonials**: A carousel or grid of testimonials from past clients, with their names and the event they hosted. - **Featured Events**: Showcase some of the top events you've managed, with images and short descriptions. Link to a gallery or case studies page. - **Contact Information**: Quick access to your phone number, email, and a simplified contact form. ### About Us Page - **Company History**: Detailed story about how your company was founded and its journey. - **Team Members**: Photos and bios of your key team members, highlighting their experience and roles. - **Mission & Vision**: Statement of your company’s mission and vision. - **Awards & Recognition**: List of any awards or recognitions your company has received. ### Services Page - **Event Planning**: Detailed description of your event planning services, including consultation, budgeting, and timeline creation. - **Venue Selection**: Information on how you help clients choose the perfect venue, with examples of venues you frequently work with. - **Catering**: Overview of your catering options, including sample menus and partner caterers. - **Entertainment**: Types of entertainment you can arrange, such as live bands, DJs, performers, etc. - **Additional Services**: List any other services you provide, such as event decor, photography, transportation, etc. ### Portfolio/Gallery Page - **Event Categories**: Filterable gallery of events by category (e.g., Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties). - **Event Details**: Each gallery item should link to a page with more photos and details about that particular event. - **Client Testimonials**: Integrate relevant testimonials with each event showcased. ### Testimonials Page - **Client Stories**: Detailed testimonials from clients, with photos from their events. - **Video Testimonials**: Embedded videos of clients sharing their experiences. - **Submit a Testimonial**: A form for clients to submit their own testimonials. ### Blog Page - **Event Planning Tips**: Articles on various aspects of event planning and management. - **Industry Trends**: Updates on the latest trends in event management and design. - **Behind the Scenes**: Stories and photos from behind the scenes of events you’ve managed. ### Contact Us Page - **Contact Form**: A comprehensive form for inquiries, including fields for name, email, phone number, event type, date, and message. - **Location & Map**: Physical address of your office with an embedded Google Map. - **Social Media Links**: Icons linking to your social media profiles. - **Additional Contact Info**: Email address and phone number for direct contact. ### FAQ Page - **Common Questions**: List of frequently asked questions with detailed answers about your services, pricing, and process. - **Support Information**: Contact information for further assistance. ### Additional Features - **Live Chat**: Option to integrate a live chat feature for immediate assistance. - **Newsletter Signup**: Form to capture emails for your newsletter. - **Booking System**: An integrated system for clients to book consultations or services online. --- This structure ensures that your event management website is comprehensive, user-friendly, and engaging for potential clients.

Raghvendra Devulapally

Create the Screens for event management. Where the user can access multiple events and track the work. Its really difficult for a user to handle Multiple events at a time. Create a place where they can track the work of all the events. Think about the user journey and how users interact with the Application. Provide visual cues and feedback to help users understand their project and task statuses at a glance.


Create a SAAs website about E-commerce

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