The Ultimate List of AI Design Prompts for the Modern Creator

We compiled a complete list of design prompts that will take help you take your workflow to warp speed and amplify your creative output.

Today, we're delving deep into the world of AI design prompts—the short commands that help artificial intelligence tools turn your ideas into a stunning reality.

Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting your creative journey, this article is your ultimate guide to igniting your creativity. We're not just talking about any basic ChatGPT design prompts here; we're diving headfirst into the realm of graphic design prompts, design prompts, and UX design prompts—everything you need to breathe life into your websites, social media assets, and presentation slides.

What are design prompts?

AI design prompts are specific instructions that you give to artificial intelligence systems to guide their generation of creative outputs. These prompts serve as the input for AI models trained in creative tasks like generating artwork, creating visuals, or designing user interfaces.

Think of graphic design prompts for AI as a compass for the style and theme of the generated content. They help users collaborate with artificial intelligence in the creative process, leveraging the machine's capabilities to explore new ideas, generate novel concepts, and push the boundaries of creativity.

In other words, prompts are a super powerful way for creatives to speed up their workflow and maximize their creative output.

But knowing the best prompts can be tricky, so having a database of powerful prompts can be like having a personal cheat code for your design projects.

Design prompts for landing pages

You can use this list of design prompts to spark creativity and inspire unique and engaging landing page designs for whatever project you can imagine.

An example of how a design prompt can be turned into a landing page. This is an example of a design prompt for a pizza restaurant.
Design prompts that turn into stunning landing pages.

Remember, these are just suggestions! You hold the magic, and your AI-powered design assistant is here to help. So, remember to be creative and explore what's possible with prompts. These design prompts encourage designers to think about universal design principles and how they can be applied across different types of content, which will help you experiment and develop a greater range of ideas.

  1. I need a landing page for [your service], utilizing [these colors] and [font style] to emphasize essential details. Strive for user engagement and clarity, suitable for the [target audience], by exploring creative design elements and interactive features.
  2. Create a landing page for [your product], incorporating [tones] and [font style] to convey key messages effectively. Aim for a seamless user experience and brand consistency, suitable for the [market], through intuitive navigation and compelling visuals.
  3. Design a landing page for [your event], employing [colors] and [font style] to capture audience attention. Prioritize information hierarchy and accessibility, suitable for the [event theme], by incorporating engaging multimedia content and clear calls-to-action.
  4. Develop a landing page for [your campaign], utilizing [tones] and [clean font style] to maintain focus on essential content. Strive for simplicity and impact, suitable for the [target demographic], by employing concise messaging and persuasive visual elements.
  5. Create a landing page for [your organization], incorporating [colors] and [font style] to reflect its personality. Aim for brand authenticity and user engagement, suitable for the [industry], through innovative design techniques and interactive storytelling.
  6. Design a landing page for [your brand], leveraging [colors] and [font style] to convey its unique identity. Aim for seamless navigation and visual impact, suitable for the [target market], by integrating captivating imagery and persuasive copywriting.
  7. Develop a landing page for [your event], utilizing [tones] and [font style] to evoke a sense of excitement. Strive for intuitive user interaction and brand consistency, suitable for the [audience], through compelling visuals and interactive elements.
  8. Create a landing page for [your cause], incorporating [tones] and [serif font style] to evoke a feeling of authenticity. Prioritize accessibility and storytelling, suitable for the [desired impact], by integrating multimedia content and emotional appeal.
  9. Design an effective landing page for [product name], featuring a persuasive call-to-action button in [subtle colors] and [elegant font style]. Tailor these visual elements to meet the expectations of the [industry], employing user experience best practices and conversion rate optimization tactics.
  10. Develop a conversion-focused landing page for [product name], highlighting a clear call-to-action in [contrasting colors] and [bold font style]. Customize these design elements to resonate with the preferences of the [industry].
  11. Craft a visually captivating landing page for [product name], employing [cool tones] and [clean font style] to communicate professionalism and clarity. Maintain consistency with [industry] aesthetics while infusing your brand's unique narrative into the design. Harmonize imagery and text to create a compelling user experience and drive engagement with your brand.

Design prompts for social media

Design prompts work for a lot more than just landing pages. They can also be majorly helpful for social media projects and generating content.

Instagram Posts:

  1. Design a visually stunning product showcase post featuring your latest product in a lifestyle setting.
  2. Create an inspirational quote graphic overlaying a captivating background image related to your brand or industry.
  3. Develop a behind-the-scenes post showcasing the process of creating your product or service.
  4. Design a carousel post featuring a series of images highlighting different features or uses of your product.
  5. Create a user-generated content post featuring a photo or video shared by a satisfied customer using your product.
An example of a prompt for product showcases for Instagram.
Social media tasks become much easier with design prompts.

Instagram Stories:

  1. Design a poll sticker story asking followers to vote on their favorite product feature or design.
  2. Create a countdown sticker story to build anticipation for an upcoming product launch or event.
  3. Develop a quiz sticker story to engage followers and educate them about your brand or industry.
  4. Design a "Swipe Up" story linking to a blog post, article, or landing page on your website.

Instagram Carousels:

  1. Design a carousel post featuring a series of customer testimonials and success stories.
  2. Develop a before-and-after carousel post showcasing the transformation achieved with your product or service.
  3. Create a carousel post highlighting different product variations, color options, or customization choices.
  4. Design a carousel post showcasing a series of user-generated content photos or videos featuring your product.
  5. Create a carousel post showcasing a step-by-step tutorial or how-to guide related to your product or industry.

Instagram Ads:

  1. Design a carousel highlighting different use cases or customer testimonials related to your product.
  2. Create an Instagram Stories ad featuring behind-the-scenes footage or a sneak peek of an upcoming product launch.
  3. Develop an interactive poll ad encouraging users to engage with your brand and provide feedback.
  4. Design a carousel ad featuring a limited-time offer or special promotion, with each slide highlighting a different aspect of the offer.

Design prompts for PowerPoint slides

  1. Design a professional title slide introducing the topic of your presentation with captivating visuals and minimal text.
  2. Create an agenda slide outlining the key topics and sections of your presentation in a visually appealing layout.
  3. Develop a timeline slide showcasing the chronological progression of events or milestones related to your topic.
  4. Design an infographic slide presenting key statistics or data points relevant to your presentation in an easy-to-understand format.
  5. Create a process flow slide illustrating the steps or stages involved in a particular process or workflow.
  6. Develop a comparison slide highlighting the differences between two concepts, products, or ideas using clear visuals and concise text.
  7. Design a roadmap slide outlining the strategic plan or vision for achieving your presentation objectives.
  8. Create a portfolio slide featuring examples of your work, projects, or achievements related to the presentation topic.
  9. Develop a testimonial slide featuring quotes or feedback from satisfied clients, customers, or stakeholders.
  10. Design a problem-solution slide identifying common challenges or issues and presenting solutions or strategies to address them.
  11. Create a SWOT analysis slide evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your topic or organization.
  12. Develop a case study slide showcasing real-world examples or success stories relevant to your presentation.
  13. Design a mind map slide visually organizing key ideas, concepts, or themes related to your presentation topic.
  14. Create a call-to-action slide encouraging viewers to take specific actions or next steps based on the information presented.
  15. Develop an interactive quiz slide to engage the audience and test their knowledge or understanding of the presentation content.
  16. Design a resource slide featuring links, references, or additional reading materials for further exploration.
  17. Create a question-and-answer slide inviting audience members to submit questions or comments for discussion.
  18. Develop a conclusion slide summarizing the main points and key takeaways of your presentation in a memorable way.
  19. Design a thank you slide expressing gratitude to the audience for their time and attention.
  20. Create a contact information slide providing relevant contact details and social media links for further communication or networking.
Presentation slides made with prompts.
Stun your audience by using prompts to create incredible presentations.

Another way to use design prompts

Design prompts aren't just about telling Musho or ChatGPT what to make. Designers can also use design prompts to sharpen their creative skills. In other words, you can use a design prompt to test your or other creatives' ability.

For example, without using AI-powered tools, test out building out one of these creative prompts:

  1. Imagine you're crafting a landing page for a futuristic tech startup that specializes in AI-driven sustainable agriculture solutions. Design a sleek and interactive interface that showcases their cutting-edge technology and environmental impact.
  2. Picture yourself as a digital artist building a portfolio website for a renowned street muralist. Create a dynamic and visually stunning platform that not only showcases their work but also tells the story behind each mural, immersing visitors in the urban art experience.
  3. Transport yourself to the world of culinary adventures as you design a blog layout for a food and travel website dedicated to exploring hidden gems in international cuisine. Infuse the design with vibrant imagery, immersive storytelling, and interactive recipe features to tantalize the senses and inspire culinary exploration.
  4. Dive into the realm of eco-conscious fashion as you develop an e-commerce website for a sustainable fashion brand that prioritizes ethical sourcing and eco-friendly materials. Design an intuitive and visually captivating platform that educates consumers about sustainability while offering a seamless shopping experience.
  5. Step into the cozy ambiance of a neighborhood coffee shop as you craft a one-page website that captures the essence of its unique vibe. From showcasing artisanal coffee blends to highlighting local artwork and upcoming events, design a warm and inviting digital space that entices visitors to savor every sip.
  6. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of a fictional music festival as you design a responsive website that serves as the ultimate guide for festival-goers. Incorporate interactive maps, lineup schedules, and artist spotlights to create a dynamic platform that amplifies the excitement of the festival experience.
  7. Envision yourself as a digital guardian of cyberspace as you design a sleek and modern homepage for a cybersecurity firm. Implement cutting-edge security features, such as encrypted messaging and threat detection tools, while maintaining a user-friendly interface that instills trust and confidence in visitors.
  8. Embark on a virtual journey as you develop a website for a groundbreaking virtual event or conference that transcends geographical boundaries. Design an immersive digital platform that replicates the excitement of in-person gatherings, complete with interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and virtual exhibitor booths.
  9. Empower users to unlock their full potential with a user-friendly dashboard for a productivity app that streamlines task management and goal tracking. Design an intuitive interface that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to effortlessly organize their workload and stay focused on achieving their objectives.
  10. Set the stage for a successful mobile app launch with a captivating landing page that captivates potential users from the moment they arrive. Design an attention-grabbing interface that highlights key features, showcases user testimonials, and encourages visitors to download the app with irresistible calls-to-action.
  11. Inspire individuals to embark on a journey to better health and wellness with a website for an online fitness coach. Design a motivating platform that offers personalized workout plans, nutrition tips, and progress tracking tools, empowering users to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own homes.
  12. Transport users to exotic destinations with an interactive map for a tourism website that highlights hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Incorporate immersive visuals, travel itineraries, and insider tips to ignite wanderlust and inspire unforgettable journeys.
  13. Make a difference in the world with a website for a charity or nonprofit organization dedicated to a worthy cause. Design a compelling platform that shares impactful stories, encourages donations, and mobilizes supporters to take action and create positive change in their communities.
  14. Simplify the dining experience with a user-friendly booking system for a local restaurant that allows customers to easily make reservations online. Design an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with the restaurant's website, offering real-time availability and confirmation notifications to enhance the dining experience for patrons.
  15. Showcase the world through the lens of a talented photographer with a portfolio website that showcases their stunning imagery and unique visual style. Design a captivating platform that immerses visitors in the photographer's portfolio, offering an interactive gallery experience that sparks curiosity and admiration.
  16. Elevate lifestyle content to new heights with a blog layout for a lifestyle magazine that celebrates the art of living well. Incorporate captivating visuals, engaging articles, and interactive features that inspire readers to explore new interests, cultivate passions, and embrace the joys of everyday life.
  17. Immerse users in a virtual reality experience like never before with a landing page that invites them to step into a world of limitless possibilities. Design an immersive interface that showcases the transformative power of VR technology, offering sneak peeks, demos, and interactive demos that leave visitors craving more.
  18. Empower learners to unlock their full potential with a user-friendly interface for an online learning platform that offers a diverse range of courses and resources. Design an intuitive platform that caters to learners of all ages and skill levels, fostering a supportive community of knowledge seekers and lifelong learners.
  19. Create an unforgettable digital experience for guests of a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast with a website that captures the essence of luxury and hospitality. Design a visually stunning platform that showcases the property's unique features, amenities, and local attractions, enticing travelers to book their next getaway.
  20. Celebrate the art of web development with a portfolio website that showcases your coding skills and creative projects in the digital realm. Design a sleek and professional platform that highlights your expertise, showcases your latest projects, and invites potential clients and collaborators to connect with you.

Or, if you want some prompts that are slightly more simple, give these a shot:

  1. Design a landing page for a mobile app that simplifies grocery shopping and meal planning.
  2. Create a landing page for a subscription service offering monthly deliveries of artisanal coffee blends.
  3. Develop a landing page for an online course platform specializing in professional development for remote workers.
  4. Design a landing page for a boutique hotel located in a scenic mountain resort destination.
  5. Create a landing page for a skincare brand promoting a new line of organic, cruelty-free products.
  6. Develop a landing page for a virtual event or webinar featuring industry experts and thought leaders.
  7. Design a landing page for a nonprofit organization raising funds for environmental conservation efforts.
  8. Create a landing page for a local bakery offering online ordering and delivery services.
  9. Develop a landing page for a personal finance app that helps users track expenses and budget effectively.
  10. Design a landing page for a virtual fitness studio offering live streaming workouts and on-demand classes.
  11. Create a landing page for a home cleaning service highlighting its eco-friendly cleaning products and practices.
  12. Develop a landing page for a travel agency promoting exclusive vacation packages and adventure tours.
  13. Design a landing page for a software company showcasing its latest product features and updates.
  14. Create a landing page for a pet adoption agency featuring photos and profiles of animals available for adoption.
  15. Develop a landing page for a charity fundraiser supporting disaster relief efforts in a global crisis.
  16. Design a landing page for a wedding planning service offering personalized event planning and coordination.
  17. Create a landing page for a digital marketing agency highlighting its services and success stories.
  18. Develop a landing page for a landscaping company showcasing its portfolio of outdoor design projects.
  19. Design a landing page for a DIY home improvement blog featuring tutorials and project ideas.
  20. Create a landing page for a virtual reality experience allowing users to explore distant planets and alien landscapes.

The power of design prompts

With a powerful AI design assistant and tons of creative and useful prompts, there's no design too small. And while AI still has a long way to go before it can completely erase the need for humans, having a strong list of prompts in your back pocket can take your projects to near completion in a fraction of the time it used to take.

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