Top AI Figma Plugins for Designers in 2024

We sat down and did a complete review of the top AI-powered Figma plugins designers will love in 2024.

There are a few reasons why you will love this list of top AI-powered Figma plugins for designers in 2024. First, these plugins will help you speed up your workflow so you can spend more time on essential tasks. Second, these AI-powered plugins will level-up your creativity and help you take your projects to a new level.

Figma is a popular design tool that designers of all levels find essential for their work. Designers love Figma because easy to use and has many features. Figma also allows real-time collaboration with team members worldwide.

Another reason designers use Figma for creative projects is its extensive library of plugins. This article presents the best AI plugins for designers, explaining their functionality, cost, and usage in projects.

TL;DR: List of AI Figma plugins

1. - turns your prompts into nearly complete, dev-ready websites with simple layouts, excellent copy, and gorgeous images.

2. - Generates clean, responsive code from Figma designs in real-time.

3. Figma Autoname - Use a Teachable Machine model to rename your Figma layers.

4. Clueify - Instantly see how viewers experience your design.

5. Lummi - The best free stock photos and royalty-free images.

What are Figma plugins, and why do designers love them?

Figma plugins are specialized extensions designed to enhance Figma's capabilities and streamline the creative process. Plugins help designers in various ways like automating tasks, adding design elements, and integrating with other tools.

With new advancements in AI (artificial intelligence), plugins have become even more powerful tools for designers.

The top AI Figma Plugins for designers in 2024

Figma has a large library of plugins that offer different specialties to enhance your workflow. Here are some plugins you can add to your design toolkit to improve your projects today.

1. Musho: Turn prompts into dev-ready websites turns your simple prompts into nearly complete, dev-ready, responsive landing pages. You're the boss with the ideas, and Musho is your helpful assistant who does most of the difficult UI tasks.

Generate dev-ready landing pages with

Why designers love it:

  • Musho saves time for designers, allowing them to focus on important details and the finishing touches of a project.
  • Designers can easily edit their designs, so there's no hassle when customizing projects.
  • Musho generates professional-grade aesthetics, so designs look stunning from the start.
  • Musho's interface is Incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, so it's the ideal tool for creatives of all levels.


You can choose between two pricing tiers for Musho.

  • Beginner plan - Free, and includes 25 generations per month, ChatGPT4, Lummi & SDXL images, and community access.
  • Pro plan - $14.99/month (annual). Includes all Beginner plan features, unlimited generations, no delays, DALL•E image generation, and advanced preferences.

2. - generates clean, responsive code from Figma designs is an AI Figma plugin that converts Figma designs into code. This plugin is quickly becoming a favorite amongst designers and creatives who are less confident in coding

It analyzes Figma design elements and uses AI to create HTML, CSS, or React code, connecting design and development.

Generate clean code with

Why designers love it:

  • This plugin streamlines the design-to-development process. It helps improve efficiency for both creatives with and without coding skills.
  • A simpler process saves designers time, letting them focus on creativity instead of technical work.
  • Builder helps improve collaboration between developers and designers, ensuring the final product closely matches the original design vision.


  • Free - Made smaller projects or individual users.
  • Basic - $19 per month (annual) aimed at smaller projects or individual users. The Basic includes everything from the Free plan, three standard roles, a 30-day activity history, and more CMS features.
  • Growth - $39 per month (annual) designed for growing businesses. The Growth plan includes everything from the Basic plan. Additionally, it comes with four standard roles, a ninety-day activity history, and even more CMS features.
  • Enterprise - Customizable plans for large organizations or extensive projects, offering tailored features and services to meet specific requirements.

3. Figma Autoname: AI plugin for renaming Figma layers fast

Figma Autoname helps designers speed up their workflow by automatically naming layers and objects within Figma designs. It utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the content and context of each design element, assigning relevant and descriptive names.

Optimize naming layers with Figma Autoname.

Why designers love it:

  • Figma Autoname helps maintain organization and clarity within complex design files, helping teams collaborate and manage their design assets.
  • Figma Autoname ensures consistent naming across all design elements. A crucial feature for larger projects where multiple designers might work on the same file.


  • Free & open source.

4. Clueify: Instantly see how viewers experience your design

Clueify is an AI Figma plugin that analyzes designs and provides insights into user engagement and visual effectiveness. This plugin uses AI to generate Attention Maps and Areas of Interest. With this information, designers gain a better understanding of how users interact with their designs.

Get deeper insights with Clueify.

Why designers love it:

  • A highly data-driven approach that allows for more informed design decisions.
  • Clueify is a great tool for designers who value user experience and engagement. It helps them improve their projects with confidence.


  • Starter - €19 per month (annual). Suitable for freelancers and small startups.
  • Pro Plan - €55 per month (annual). A plan made for professional designers and medium-sized companies.
  • Enterprise Plan - Individual pricing. Designed for larger companies with specific requirements.

5. Lummi: The best free stock photos and royalty-free images.

Although AI image generators are fantastic, sometimes, they fail to hit the mark when you need the perfect image for your project. The results can be uncanny and off-putting. With a massive library of realistic, curated, AI-generated stock photos, Lummi is the solution to this problem.

The curated database of AI images from Lummi
Curated AI images from Lummi.

Why designers love it:

  • Designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives love Lummi because the images are high-quality and royalty-free.
  • The database of images is massive and growing each day, so there's an image for any project.


  • Free!

Start enhancing your design workflow with Figma plugins

A major benefit of Figma is the incredible community that's constantly contributing new plugins. With a growing library of AI-powered tools, designers can optimize their workflow and expand their creativity.

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